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Snow Day, Sew Day (I can’t believe it’s STILL not “finished”).

I’ve been making this quilt for my cousin’s baby shower. At first, I was really, really excited about it. Ok, I’m still really, really excited about it. It’s adorable. It has mermaids, it has octopi, it has seahorses and fishies … Continue reading

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My silly puppy

Hank is my dog. I got him at a shelter and after three and a half years, the removal of 2/3 of one of his lungs, daily medicine for his acid reflux and an inexplicable dislike of baseball hats, I’ve … Continue reading

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That’s More Like It!!

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with me (except that I love ’em) but can I just say… LET’S GO CANES!! 5-1 against the Bruins tonight. Very proud of all the guys and Ward is DAMN amazing! Keep … Continue reading

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Napkins for Shirley!

My Aunt’s Mother is turning 85 and we’re headed in to Fayetteville for her birthday dinner this weekend. Since she doesn’t need anything and I hadn’t the first clue what to give her, obviously I turned to fabric. I thought … Continue reading

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Not done yet, but on our way!

The Hubs came with me to the quilt shop last Thursday and got sashing, backing and batting…and he’s on his way! He’s also figured out how to free motion quilt-BY HIMSELF. @&^%! I mean, I’m proud of you honey! Wanna … Continue reading

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Thing One and Thing Two-(update) FINISHED!

Don’tcha hate it when you’re halfway through with something and all of a sudden you [insert mishap, misstep, catastrophe here]? I was halfway through making my new placemats and napkins to go along with my new Crate and Barrel dishes … Continue reading

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My Sewing Philosphy (Laugh with Me)

As I was working on my Mendocino Zig Zag Quilt last night (and after several mistakes, which I like to call “learning opportunities”) I was prompted to explain my philosophy on sewing to my husband. You see, I’d “messed up” … Continue reading

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If you haven’t already…

Please check out Craft Hope for Haiti.  There’s an etsy store here with proceeds going to benefit Doctors Without Borders. If you’d like to donate something, please contact Sarah at

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I feel like a real quilter. Not because I am, mind you, I’m still very much the novice. However, I did get one of these babies in the mail from Pink Chalk Fabrics. She’s still got 10 left, go get … Continue reading

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A Mendocino Zig Zag Quilt

I’ve been wanting to try a zig zag quilt since I bought Denyse Schmidt’s book a few months back. The problem is, I like looking at my fabric piles (I love piles!) and I’m still not good enough at sewing … Continue reading

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