Black, White and Teal all over

As a little kid, one of my favorite jokes was the “what is black, white and red all over.” Not because it was particularly funny, but because there were so many answers. Sunburned zebra, ink-stained newspaper, tomato splattered almost anything…you get the picture. I’m feeling the same way about my new quilting project.

Since this is only quilt number two, I don’t have that “feeling” about patterns, colors and arrangement that the people at my quilt shop talk about. However, the black, white and teal all over thing is working for me. I followed these two tutorials¬† here and here) and after a few cuts, snips and seams-it really is beginning to look like a legitimate quilt!

I didn’t have a glue stick so I safety pinned my teal fabric to the center of my 11″ squares. AND BY THE WAY. 11″ x 17″ paper is REALLY expensive! $15 a pack! I considered doing smaller squares, but, as I said before, this is only my second quilt and I figured, fewer squares = fewer places to mess up. We’ll see how that goes for me in the end.

11" Blocks with teal middles

I’ve been happily cutting, piecing and sewing away for the last couple of days and hope to be done with all the blocks by next weekend.

Strips everywhere!

Problem is, I just can’t decide how many blocks I want to do. Six by six? Eight by six? I think my good judgment is being clouded by the fact that it looks so good. Perhaps I’m being overly ambitious because it is coming out so well. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Halfway There!

Until then, I’m going back to being a teacher tomorrow. I have a feeling these beauties will taunt me from the dining room until the weekend, but I’m going to try to do at least a block a night. Wish me luck!


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