all kinds of new…

It has been quite a week around the ol’ house-a-roo. We got the Mini, I got a new sewing machine, the Hubs started a painting, there’s a complete quilt top, a new sewing space, new fabric…I can’t believe I’m still standing! Check that, my lazy butt is in the corner of the couch snuggled up with my UGGs and laptop.

Tuesday brought me a new (ok, new to me) sewing machine. It’s a Janome Memory Craft 4800QC. I haven’t done much sewing on it yet, but it’s hanging out with my Grandma’s Featherweight on my sewing table and they seem to be getting along well. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to blog about as I go-I’ve never had a sewing machine like this before! It’s got more stitches and buttons than I know what to do with, but I did take the manual along to read during DEAR (drop everything and read) time at school this week so I’ve got at least half a theoretical clue.

two friends

While I was getting acquainted with my new friend, I heard music coming from the upstairs bonus room. I (reluctantly) pulled myself away from the Janome and clomped upstairs to find this:


He’s not sure where he’s going with it yet, but it’s beautiful and I’m always amazed at his skill.

School overtook me for a few days and I didn’t do a whole lot of anything but eat, sleep and teach. I did find time to bring my friend her Monkey Quilt after school one afternoon and that was AWESOME. She was really excited to get it and was impressed by my “skill.” HAH!

Which brings me to the weekend. I got inspired last night (mainly because I wanted to go to the fabric store today and I couldn’t go if I wasn’t finished) and wrapped up my string quilt top.  I’ve learned, many, many things along the way with this quilt and I will give full details in a dedicated string quilt post, but here’s a preview.

  1. Your center lines must be center. TRULY center. Failure to do so will result in wonky lines. And cussing. And seam ripping. And more cussing.
  2. Laying out a quilt top is going to be near impossible on a horizontal surface in this house. Hank (my dog) will lay on anything that is cotton or otherwise snuggly and what he doesn’t lay on, his fur will cover anyway.
  3. I’m horrible at pressing seams. I also haven’t learned (or found a reason) to care about this fact.

As you can imagine, with all this productivity and both of us working full time, the house looks like a hurricane blew through. There’s stuff everywhere-all my fault, mind you. Fabric. And notions. And scraps and, well everything. I’m what my husband likes to call a “piler.” What it means is I can’t seem to put anything away. I’m not messy-I just can’t organize so I make piles. Of everything. We routinely have to clear the piles from the various horizontal surfaces (evidently I’m worse than Hank) and regroup. Today was one of those days. I have quilt books stacked in three or four places. I have fabric hanging and stacked in at least six places. Needles, scissors, rulers, cutters, pins, boxes, you name it, I’ve stacked it. So we decided to convert our formal dining room into a creative space.

We took the leaf out of Grandma’s dining table and turned it sideways. Her sewing desk (Mom says from Charleston) is on the back wall under a photo of Charleston’s Rainbow Row. The bookcase is the new home for all my fabric piles (I GET TO HAVE PILES!!!) I’m thrilled to bits and can’t wait to use it.

I also went to the fabric store. I LOOOOVE Wish Upon a Quilt. They always make me feel like I’m a real sewer even though I’m not yet. The Hubs got some fabric too, it seems as though all my sewing has inspired him 🙂 So, as they say: onward and upward!


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  3. terriaw says:

    Your string-pieced quilt is gorgeous! Love the colors, which work so well in that pattern. BTW, that painting was gorgeous too!

  4. Bethany says:

    Love all this creativity! All so beautiful.

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