Yesterday brought lots of new fabric to our sewing room. I’ll get to that tomorrow, for now I’ll talk about what frustrated me for half of last night and most of this morning. I got a charm pack of Odyssea by Momo. I thought, easy quilt-will be able to practice my free motion on it. No such luck.

First, I love sea creatures of all kinds. Seriously. The only science classes I’ve ever liked-ever were Marine Biology, Oceanography and other similar variations. So, sea creatures=happy Joanna. Now, clashing colors=pissed Joanna. Odyssea=full of clashing colors. Specifically red.

note clashing red

I spent forever mixing and matching and yelling and asking the Hubs what I was doing wrong last night. I went to bed mad at it and woke up determined to fix the problem. Then it hit me. The red doesn’t match. Anything. So I took it out. And I mixed. And I matched. And it still didn’t work. So I gave up.

Ahhh color-centricity!

Actually, I didn’t give up. I grouped the blues/aquas together and the greens/browns together and came up with a color themed block for each set. Not what I was going for, but cute all the same. I’ve decided they’ll be great hot pads for the kitchen table.

You see, I was making these to practice my free motion quilting so I can attempt to quilt my string quilt top. Just in case I wasn’t ready to try with my cute new mini-quilt tops, I made a couple of little coasters from the offending red squares. Let me tell you-I’m not ready for free motion quilting. It’s ugly. It’s beyond ugly. It’s “here’s a crayon three year old, scribble all over this please,” ugly. I won’t even dignify it with a picture, it’s that bad. So I’ll straight line quilt them-I know I can do at least that much!

On a lighter note, I  learned the answer one of my own questions today. You’ll recall that I’m not a good seam presser and I don’t see a reason to press seams.

Note perfectly pressed seams.

I found my reason today. I was happily patching away at my blue/aqua piece when I thought to myself, “it’s just a few squares, maybe I’ll try pressing them and see what happens.” Well shit.

Note the perfectly aligned patches.

My patches never line up. I’m lazy. I’m not good at math, I’m not good at precise anything, I don’t even do straight lines well. Unfortunately for me, I figured out why women labor over that damn iron, pressing seams like it’s goin’ outta style.

It creates perfectly aligned patches when you sew rows together. I SO wanted this NOT to be the case. I wanted my rows and seams to line up WITHOUT pressing. This is going to throw a monkey wrench into my plan. I haven’t decided if I REALLY care about the lined up patches enough to press on large scale projects-I’ll keep you posted. At any rate, sewing lesson learned.

More on fabric tomorrow. I have FUN new stuff!!


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3 Responses to Odyssea

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  2. Joanna says:

    It drove me batty! I’m glad SOMEONE else out there saw it too!!

  3. Pamela S says:

    I am so glad to hear someone else has had a problem with Odyssea! I loved the print with the red background and the fish design but when I look at the entire line I have the same thoughts. The colors do not play well together! I did buy a dark burgundy and that seemed to help. I think the problem, too, is that they are all very grey and when mixed seem to blend together into a mish-mash. Alone the fabrics can stand out but mixed with other lines. Good luck – I like your blocks a lot!

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