I <3 Fabric

I can’t believe I’m just getting to this, I’ve been trying all week. I got new fabric and I’m excited to play with it!

First, I got a back for my string quilt from Wish Upon a Quilt. It’s a beautiful gray swirly damask type and I think it’ll quilt up nicely.

Pretty Gray

I did some online shopping last week and my new stuff came in. Everyone’s been blogging about it and how soft it is and I just had to feel for myself so I splurged and got the “Sugar Cookie” line of Anna Maria Horner’s “Little Folks” Voile. Pink Chalk Fabrics had it and it IS as soft as everyone says. It’s buttery soft, sugary soft, pineapple marshmallows straight out of the mixer soft. Now I just have to muster up the courage to cut it!

so, so soft

I’ve also had my eye on the Mendocino line by Heather Ross. I have her Weekend Sewing book and I love it. Actually, I think it was my very first sewing book ever. At any rate,  I’ve really enjoyed making a few of the projects (especially the Fat Quarter Napkins!) and have been wanting to use some of her fabric. As we all know, I love sea creatures, so I’m enjoying my new mermaids, fishies, octopi, seahorses and various other sea swimmers. I found these over at The Quilted Castle. I can’t decide if I want to fussy cut them to show off the mermaids or if I want to zig zag them and just get started! We shall see.

Mendocino Pinks and Oranges

Mendocino Yellows and Browns

And then there was the Hubster. He’s such a good sport and came with me to the quilt store on Saturday. As I flounced around the shop showing off my string quilt and looking for coordinates for my Little Folks, he picked out one fat quarter and a half yard of a print and…well, we’ll get to him in the next post. All I’ll say is-there’s going to come a day (a day very soon, mind you) when he is going to be “better than me” and I’m going to cry. I’ll get over it, but I know it’s coming.


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  2. Anna says:

    I’m super jealous that you have a hobby that uses all of that!! So are you going to start taking orders?! Love you!! PS- The mini’s are precious.

    • Joanna says:

      Umm…yes? I’m still learning free motion [read: I suck at it and I’m taking a class in February] but I’m pretty good at the straight line quilting and it’s pretty too!

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