The Hubs Mini Quilt

He wouldn’t let me take pictures as he went through the process, so I can’t share it visually but lemme tell you he’!! We came home from the quilt shop and he’s got out his graph paper and a pencil. There he sat, drawing and measuring and creating this block.

Bear in mind, he came to this with FABRIC only. No pattern, no numbers, no sewing experience whatsoever. He created the pattern, the sizes, the angles, the cuts…everything. From scratch. With no training and no help.

Here’s what he came up with:


Can you believe it?! It’s GORGEOUS! I mean, his only problem was he had to yell at my bobbin thread eating “Brother” machine (which I told him sucked and now that he’s convinced of that fact too, it’s going up on e-Bay) and switched to the Janome. After that, smooth sailing. Like I said, there’s going to be a day, a day soon, where he’s going to “beat me.”

I’ve been thinking though. How many girls can say they have a “creative” room in their home? Alright all you crafty people, how many of you have a husband who is willing to share in your hobby? I’m actually really excited about it. We bring different perspectives to the craft and I think we’ll learn from each other!


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4 Responses to The Hubs Mini Quilt

  1. sandra says:

    The oatmeal looks GOOD! husband must of been an enginer or is really Left brain working!

  2. Joanna says:

    Lucky girls we are, aren’t we 🙂

  3. jomaj says:

    Not only do I have a “creative” room in my home, but the centerpiece is my husband’s old drafting table – which is a perfect height for a cutting table. He critiques blocks, swings them on point, moves them around and even solves my frequent dilemma of “how do I make this fit in this and how big do I need to cut it?” ( I don’t “do” geometry, angles, or calculating seam allowances to the n’th degree of perfection. ) I have always felt lucky to have someone who shares my passion, but if he ever tried to sew a block I’d fall over in a dead faint. Your husband has mad skills!

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