Not done yet, but on our way!

The Hubs came with me to the quilt shop last Thursday and got sashing, backing and batting…and he’s on his way! He’s also figured out how to free motion quilt-BY HIMSELF. @&^%! I mean, I’m proud of you honey! Wanna stipple the String Quilt? He had to work today 😦 So after a quick trip to the Mini Service Department for an oil change (I heart Mini) I’ll be back to my sewing. I really am proud of him–I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I just can’t believe how quickly his skills progressed, if only my middle schoolers learned that fast.

The Hubs Turtles

I quit being chicken and actually cut and put together my Mendocino Zig Zag Quilt. It’s small–baby blanket sized, but I’m pleased so far. With a few minor exceptions…let’s see if you can guess what’s wrong before I tell you in a paragraph or two.

Mendocino Zig Zag...or should I say Wonderwoman?

I’m not done yet, I still have to sandwich and quilt it (and I need batting). I’m going do diagonals that follow the zig zags. HE-llo walking foot. These are jobs for another day though, I’m afraid.

I’m finding that my favorite part of blogging is that I get to tell someone all my mistakes and random quilting knowledge (or lack thereof.) I honestly don’t know if people care or not, but it makes me feel better and I get to laugh at myself so we’re all winners. (teacher) As promised, here are some things I learned along the way…

Closeup of Zigs (or Zags, your choice)

Knowledge from the Mendocino Adventure:

  1. You must pay attention when your husband says “make sure you double check your fabric.”
  2. Also, you must know that “double check” does not mean “look at it twice to make sure it is going in the same direction,” but “look at it against the current zig zags to make sure you don’t have the same problem (obvious patterns running in different directions) again.” Oops.
  3. You must laugh when you don’t understand this and end up with aforementioned patterns wonky again because evidently you don’t understand basic spatial relations (I’m female…) or how the half-square block thing works.
  4. You may end up with one mysterious upside down fish (can you see him?), just one. No others will be upside down and this will make you laugh (it will horrify your husband) and make you laugh harder.
  5. You must carefully calculate how many half-square triangles you have, otherwise you’ll end up with a big “W” on your quilt…as in I wonder what people are going to think of the big “W” or perhaps “WonderWoman.”
  6. You should disregard number 5 because you should know by now, I don’t calculate.
  7. Chain piecing is a gift from heaven.
  8. 1/4″ patchwork feet come from the same place.
  9. Spray starch is badbooty. (I’m trying to watch my mouth-HAH)
  10. I love, love, love sea creatures.

That’s all for today, I need to go to the grocery store. Trouble is, food isn’t as compelling a reason to get out of my PJ pants and haul my tail over there as you’d imagine. We’ll see.


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