Thing One and Thing Two-(update) FINISHED!

Don’tcha hate it when you’re halfway through with something and all of a sudden you [insert mishap, misstep, catastrophe here]? I was halfway through making my new placemats and napkins to go along with my new Crate and Barrel dishes (gotta love getting married!) when I ran out of thread.

New Dishes!

Scratch that. I ran out of thread, so I stole from the bobbin, then I ran out of the bobbin so I stole from the second bobbin, THEN I ran out of thread for good. I made the mistake of using a decorative stitch. I’ve never had decorative stitches before-it was exciting! I couldn’t help myself!

The napkins are a nice pale blue pinstripe with white backing, finished with embroidered little leaves along the edges. Now that I’ve replenished my thread replenished my thread TWICE  (thanks Wish Upon A Quilt!) I’m moving on to my placemats. You can’t tell, but all the pale blues, browns and creams match really well. They look a little sad and clashy in this photo, I’ll take I took the pictures at the bottom in natural sunlight when I finished. At any rate, I’m going to try putting fusible fleece inside the mats to give them a little more “oomph.” As with all my sewing adventures…we’ll see how it goes!

Napkins and Placemats in Progress

Sewing adventure complete-they’re done! Three flippin’ spools of thread later (WHAT was I thinking?) and a couple of choice words at my needle while invisible stitching (is that the same as a blind stitch?) the placemats shut, I’m REALLY done.

All done!

They’re reversible and the fusible fleece thing worked without too much trouble. Just a shot with the iron on one side of the fabric (before I sewed them together) bonded it and it held on tight when I turned the mats back right side out. I like the fleece on the insides, they’re so soft and will have a heat barrier! The little stitch above is why I am three spools in on the project. I literally got stitch happy. What’s the point in having a machine that can do lovely stitches if you never use them? So I had to go to the store three times for more thread…it was worth it!

Just adorable

I know I know, you’ve seen it already, but the best is yet to come. For the grand finale, catch a glimpse at what will soon be my “laid” table. 🙂

Ready for Dinner!

Now I really feel like my kitchen table is mine. I have new dishes, new silver, new glasses and, of course, the new placemats and napkins that ACTUALLY match. (Currently, my napkins are an assortment of fat quarters that either the Hubster or I liked and I turned into napkins.) Maybe we’re actually growing up.


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