Napkins for Shirley!

My Aunt’s Mother is turning 85 and we’re headed in to Fayetteville for her birthday dinner this weekend. Since she doesn’t need anything and I hadn’t the first clue what to give her, obviously I turned to fabric. I thought a set of pretty napkins would be nice. I think everyone should have some nice, non-disposable napkins to use everyday.

Pretty Paisley

I’m loving having decorative stitches on my machine! You can’t see them well on the paisley side, but it really stands out on the cream. I’m also SUPER proud of how well the pink thread matches the pattern (BasicGrey by Moda). I picked it out withOUT having the fabric with me. Oh yes-I’m that awesome!

Swirls and Leaves


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3 Responses to Napkins for Shirley!

  1. I recently “discovered” decorative stitches on my machine, and I am very excited to see what I can come up with. I love these napkins! What a special gift.

  2. quiltiferous says:

    Both the Basic Grey and the decorative stitch make these better than nice! Lucky Aunt!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I adore that decorative stitch — beautiful!

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