That’s More Like It!!

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with me (except that I love ’em) but can I just say…

LET’S GO CANES!! 5-1 against the Bruins tonight. Very proud of all the guys and Ward is DAMN amazing! Keep up the good work-we’re all pullin’ for you!

UPDATE: 5-1 against the Rangers tonight (1/27)! WOO WOO!!!

2nd UPDATE: 4-1 Islanders (us) AND 4-2 Blackhawks

HOT DIGGITY!! Ok, very COLD diggity. Frigid, actually. We’re in the single digits kinda cold right now. Mother Nature saw fit to hit NC (and all surrounding generally warm, unprepared, far from qualified to deal with it southern states) with a GIANT snow storm. The good thing is I had a nice, long sewing day while my husband played in the snow with the neighbor kids. I’ll have updates tomorrow!


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