Snow Day, Sew Day (I can’t believe it’s STILL not “finished”).

I’ve been making this quilt for my cousin’s baby shower. At first, I was really, really excited about it. Ok, I’m still really, really excited about it. It’s adorable. It has mermaids, it has octopi, it has seahorses and fishies (I heart sea creatures, we’ve been through this, yes?) and it is STILL not done. Deja vu anyone? I decided to finish it up yesterday since we were snowed in (if you haven’t looked, go check out Raleigh, NC on a weather map).

Taken from my screened-in porch, part of our backyard and back shed.

As with everything in my sewing world, there were some bumps along the way. HOWEVER, not nearly as many as I have had in the past. I was really proud because I made an interesting backing-complete with (problem-prone and epiphany-filled) strips of Mendocino fabric. Epiphanies such as: you can’t just stick a chain (too short to go the whole length of the back, mind you) of fabric in the backing. This will result in a large gap that you will have to fix. Luckily, I realized of this and added more fabric before I got too far. Unfortunately, I sewed both extra pieces with the seams facing the wrong way then had to rip them out and start again. Oops. Also, I won’t go into the gory details, but there was drama with the horizontal line and cutting. I can’t believe it came out like it did and I’m LOVING the backing!

Triumph! It's a pretty backing!

I was really excited to use my new machine and walking foot, too. Until the FREAKING thing wouldn’t work and I spent HOURS scouring blogs, websites and “fix it” type places trying to figure out why my walking foot was eating bobbin thread and not working. It seems that NO ONE has trouble with my machine, or my walking foot. Fantastic. It’s me. Go figure. Enter my husband. He takes the foot off, reattaches it and waits patiently as I thread the machine and get ready to show him why I’m so mad. AND IT WORKS PERFECTLY. I guess it just needed to be scared into submission. I had no problems after this point 🙂

I was SUPER T-DUPER excited to quilt my first zig zaggy quilt (though I did have to “cheat” and mark it with chalk first) and the entire quilting process took me less than an hour. I even buried my threads like Leah at 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting taught me to. I squared it up and laid it out and smiled. I was ALMOST done.

front folded to the back

AND…I have no binding. DAMNIT! I thought I was going to use the Amy Butler Coral solid that most of the quilt is sashed in, but the Hubs said it needed something different. He’s right, of course, but I was SO ready to be done.  Something different it shall have. I got some Giant Ocotopi in Blush from The Fabric Farm.

Giant Octopi in Blush a.k.a. the future binding

HOPEFULLY I’ll be able to post a 100% done, washed and adorable quilt in the next week!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the back!

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