Snowed in.

You may remember that the south is currently being crippled by snow and ice. School’s out and the Hubs stayed home from work today too. Though stuck in the house, many things have kept me laughing and busy over the last couple of days.

Starting with…a broken bulb cover in my dryer. You wouldn’t think this is such a big deal, except that I do laundry on Sunday and it broke during load number two (of four-ish). Keep running the dryer you say? Well, that would be a good idea until a metal button hits the bulb and shatters glass all over my newly washed jeans. Instead I’ve resorted to using my landing and shower rod as drying racks.

Oh, the shame!!

Also, I H-A-T-E line dried clothes. I love my dryer and I love my Bounce and I hate, hate, hate stiff, scratchy anything. While this whole ordeal would have normally caused me to pitch a fit, I DID get to stay home with my Hubby.  I’m much less angry and instead, am choosing to laugh at my new redneck-y dryer. Also, don’t ever buy anything that doesn’t tell you the EXACT part numbers for EVERY part in the product. You can drive yourself crazy trying to find a 5 inch plastic bulb cover (I now know that it is a “lens,” not a cover) on any of those “fix it yourself, we’ll help you find the part” websites.

While all of this was going on, my husband was creating a smorgasbord of breads. I think he’s trying to fatten me up for the winter. ALL are delicious, and consequently, nearly gone!

My personal favorite, cinnamon roll bread: (to die for toasted with cinnamon and sugar on top)


Herbed and Regular Hearth Loaves:

Quite the chef, isn't he?

I’m also working on Oh Frannson’s Mod Sampler Quilt from her quilt along from last year. I know I’m a year late, but I wasn’t quilting a year ago and I’m not brave enough to start her current Paintbox Quilt Along. It’s going fairly well. I have all my fabrics, I LURVE them and the snow day afforded me several hours to sit and cut fabric. By several hours I mean three-ish today and two yesterday. I’ll wait while you stop laughing. I suck at cutting, I hate cutting, I’m SOOO happy it’s over-but wait! It’s not over. I still have to cut sashing. ::sigh::

FINALLY-it's all cut!

I still can’t decide which sashing fabric to go with. I have Kona Snow and Kona Ash (courtesy of SewDeerlyLoved). I was thinking Ash (grey) but then I saw the Snow (off white) next to it and now I don’t know. Which do you think?

As I was cutting, I saw the most peculiar thing sliding it’s merry way around my cul-de-sac. It was the mailman, complete with chains on his tires. We live in NORTH CAROLINA people! I didn’t know we HAD chains in NC. (Also, my husband tried to procure a snow shovel from a certain blue colored hardware store and evidently we don’t have snow shovels in NC either.) Anyway, back to the mailman. He brought my labels from Jennifer’s Jewels! I CANNOT WAIT until I get to sew one of these babies into a project. They are TOO precious!

AH-dorable 🙂

So, tonight holds a Canes Game (in Edmonton-a place that is supposed to have snow) and perhaps some piecing on my new quilt. No school tomorrow (again) and I’m hoping our roads will be de-iced enough for me to go in. Not that I’m itching to go back, but I’d like to have a day to plan. We’ll see!

Stay warm!

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2 Responses to Snowed in.

  1. Aaron says:

    Don’t be ashamed of line drying–it’s the green thing to do! We use a lot of electricity making things dry faster.

    Re: Kona Snow and Kona Ash: I have absolutely no opinion


  2. Bethany says:

    Those breads looks so yummy and all your quilts are amazing! Love all the detailing and the work you put into them. From seeing your blog it looks like quite an artistic household. Hope all else is well. Stay warm in the cold!

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