Ready for next weekend!

Yesterday was just insanely fantastic. I mean, I haven’t had a day like that in, well, we won’t go into that. But it was a great day. I had a great time at my sewing bee, though dork that I am, I forgot to take pictures (or ask if they wanted to be featured on my blog) so I’ll just say, North Raleigh Ladies, you make me smile.  I finished up all my blocks in Oh Fransson’s Mod Sampler Quilt-now I just need to decide on a sashing color and put them all together! I feel like if I don’t put them up until I put the top together, maybe that will motivate me to get it together more quickly. Ehh, we’ll see.

After that I went to “dinner and a meeting” with my AWESOME photographer, Elizabeth. I’m not ready to reveal all yet, but I am BEYOND excited about the projects she and I have coming up.

After I left her, I tromped on over to Barnes and Noble to pick up a few books. I’ve had my eye on Quilting for Peace for a month or two now and am thoroughly enjoying reading it (the ten minutes I got during DEAR “drop everything and read,”that is).  The  second one isn’t the exact book I wanted but both books were by Jenny Hart and it looks like it will be a lot of fun. It seems that everyone has a copy of One Yard Wonders (and now I see why), I want to make everything! I’m still looking for a good deal on The Quilter’s Stitch Bible ($30, REALLY?) and then I’ll be craft booked up for at least a week or two 🙂

I love books.

Hank loves books too!

I came home from my Sunday adventures to the end of the first period in the USA v. Canada Olympic hockey game. I mean, you all know I love hockey, and you may know that I’ve been glued to the Olympics (hockey mainly) but W.O.W. Way to go boys! I’m so proud of our American team!

I went to bed smiling and woke up to…rain, school and not being able to indulge any of my crafty ideas. I want to hole up and read and sew and snuggle my honey. Is winter over and done with yet?

To make my day better (or at least try to)…I decided to pull out my iron to iron just ONE little thing (to try some of my newfound embroidery skills) AND I burned the bejeezes out of that spot between your thumb and pointer finger. No lie. Like a giant half-moon shape. I’m so over this week and totally ready for next weekend.

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  2. quiltiferous says:

    You’ll have to review the “One Yard Wonders” for us! I’ve had my eye on it for a while!

  3. Xandi Hamilton says:

    The North Raleigh ladies love you right back!

  4. terriaw says:

    What a happy post! I can just hear this glee in your voice! I love days like that. I am always ready for the next weekend, so I can totally relate.

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