I’m exhausted.

It seems like my life hasn’t stopped whipping and whirling since last Thursday! I HAVE OVER 200 POSTS IN MY GOOGLE READER! I never neglect my reader!! Oy. Anyway, I took a quick trip to see My lil’ sis graduate in Greensboro last Friday (YAY ELIZABETH!!)

Happy Graduate and Proud Parents!

Then my parents came to stay with us over the weekend. Their baby (my former baby) Sherlock, fell madly in love with our new baby Layla. It was wonderful to see my parents and just adorable watching the two doggies fall in puppy love!

pupppppy looove 🙂

The dogs ALL worship my mother. See precious picture of all three doggies waiting for treats.

Monday I worked and Tuesday brought another quick roadtrip and family visit.  Yesterday, I took my wonderful Aunt Linda out gallivanting. She had surgery on her foot last week and still needs a little extra help to get around. We had a ball with the “wheely carts” in several stores around town. She’s hilarious and I love her! 🙂

NOW-that brings me to today…I haven’t even watched Dancing With the Stars from Monday! SHOCK GASP!! I STILL haven’t packed or done anything for our anniversary (which is MONDAY!) I can’t share my plans because my sweet husband reads my blog. Hopefully I’ll have pictures and I’ll set the blog to post about it while we’re on our anniversary vacation to Cape Hatteras!

Today is devoted to catching up. I have a massive to do list (including washing, packing, crafting, sewing, planning a bachelorette party and lord knows what else) and I’m ready to go!


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I married the "one who got away" and try to remember how lucky I am each and every day.
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2 Responses to I’m exhausted.

  1. Terri says:

    I have been wondering where you’ve been! Happy to see you were out having fun. Love the pictures of your happy family. And those dogs look precious, all sitting pretty together, posing for treats. Hope you get caught up so you can enjoy that party and your anniversary trip. Happy Anniversary, btw. Sounds like a fab trip!

  2. daisysewing says:

    I completely know what you mean – if you miss a couple days with Google Reader.. you are sure to be buried!

    Cute puppies 🙂 And have a great trip!

    Take care, Julie

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