Why can’t I keep up?

Where’d she go? Joanna is gone! I feel like I just wrote a post like this (explaining my absence) when, in fact, it was more than three weeks ago. Since I quit my job, I’ve done a lot. For example, I’ve:

  • found a new level of relaxed happiness that I never knew existed.
  • gotten off of ALL medication (including meds for super high blood pressure).
  • started walking 2+ hours a day with our dogs.
  • had my first glass of wine without a headache the next morning (it’s been YEARS).
  • been able to enjoy time with my husband that didn’t include me balled up on the couch sleeping.

However, I seem to have lost my ability to keep up with little things that were easy to manage before. Things like:

  • my Google Reader. I’ve currently got 251 257 (six more in the time it took me to write and edit this post) posts that I need to read. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY ONE SEVEN! Seriously? I have to cut back and just read the ones I REALLY care about.
  • my own blog. I’ve been a total slacker. I’ve been meaning to post anniversary pictures from our vacation and the presents we made each other since May. We also ripped out the ceiling on our porch and put up a new one. Aren’t you interested? I should be writing!
  • bees and swaps. I procrastinated MAJORLY on my Triangle Modern Quilt Guild block swap. As in, they are all due today and I started them YESTERDAY. Them=twelve, to be exact.)

Where did my time go? I could swear I’m working fewer hours! So I apologize for not being around. I’m trying to find that new balance that will become my new life without teaching. I’m going to get better! I’m going to post some pictures from the projects that I mentioned above–I may get around to writing a whole post about each, but if I don’t, at least you’ll see what I’ve been up to!

Anniversary Ok, this WILL get its own post someday. There’s just too much to put in a blurb, but I”ll do my best. We decided on doing the “traditional” gifts for anniversaries and the gift for year one is paper. The Hubs made paper flowers, didn’t like them, then decided to paint me the paper flower. I got us a beautiful cloth and paper anniversary journal from Rag and Bone (not pictured) and made him a “paper” love note. I made notebook paper out of fabric and hand embroidered the rest. We went to Cape Hatteras for our anniversary week and I have tons of pictures from there that I want to share too…oy. I’ll get to it. The second picture is us at the aquarium. I ❤ the aquarium.

Year One = Paper

Yeah, we're that dorky.

The porch. This would be me up on a ladder busting our ceiling out. This project also deserves its own post. It was quite the process and I actually remembered to take pictures! You’re only going to see  we ended up with; at least what it is for now. Along the way we had to rip out a ceiling tile (only a hundred or so 2″ nails to be pulled out by hand 10 feet up in the air…no big), put up a new one (again, on ladders, by ourselves with drills, saws, yadda yadda yadda), prime it, paint the whole thing, replace the fan and rip out the carpet. It’s not done yet, but as they say, we’re cookin’ with gas.

This was only the beginning...

So relaxing and pretty.

Bee Blocks. I totally procrastinated on my Triangle Modern Quilt Guild blocks. Partially because I have a not so great history with our fabric of choice. It’s Odyssea. ::shudderofanger:: Some of you may remember my rant here. BUT I’m committed to being a good swapper so I buckled down last night though and am proud to say I have all finished and ready to swap.

All labeled and ready to swap!

If you’ve made it this far…you must love me. I promise I’ll get to your blogs, calls, emails, etc. soon. I miss reading, hearing, seeing what is going on in your lives and plan on finding out soon! (Tuesday?)

P.S. Has anyone ever gotten hives from the starch in fabric? PLEASE let me know. I seem to be having issues.


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I married the "one who got away" and try to remember how lucky I am each and every day.
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2 Responses to Why can’t I keep up?

  1. Meghan says:

    I found myself doing the same thing! I guess with any life change little things like blogging can fall through the cracks. I hadn’t looked at my Google Reader in almost three weeks, and I had at least 300 unread items. I had to go through and unsubscribe to some. Google Reader shouldn’t be a monumental task!

    I’m with you… just trying to find a new balance 🙂

    ps: your porch is lovely!

  2. terriaw says:

    Looks like you have been quite busy with life these days! So nice to hear about your anniversary plans and vacation. And your porch project is going to be a lot of work, but definitely worth it when you are out there enjoying the afternoon. Welcome back!!! So glad to hear things are well.

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