It’s my birthday! Ok, so it WAS my birthday!

I went to the beach for my birthday! And believe it or not, I went to a place with NO internet (and my Google Reader is overflowing, again)! SOO…my birthday giveaway will be on TUESDAY instead of SATURDAY (because I failed to plan…evidently I planned to fail).

I just don’t have anything I can give away. Seriously. I have a pile of WIPs and a few stacks of ugly fabrics-but those wouldn’t be nice to give away! Instead, {lucky you} I’m going to give away a $15 gift certificate courtesy of Cathy at my LQS (and my new employer!) Wish Upon A Quilt!

They have amazing fabrics at even better prices. I’m not just saying this-I shopped here before I worked here-they’re fabulous ladies! If you are in the Triangle and haven’t been, you should go and if you aren’t in the area, their online selection is fantastic! What are you waiting for? GO LOOK!

Here are the details for the giveaway:

Answer to one (or more!) of the questions below. You can do it all in one post, multiple posts won’t be counted multiple times!

  1. What do you need in your sewing room?
  2. How far can you stretch 15 bucks?
  3. How much do you spend on “guilty pleasure fabric?”

I’ll leave this open through the end of the week and draw a winner on Sunday night!


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I married the "one who got away" and try to remember how lucky I am each and every day.
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32 Responses to It’s my birthday! Ok, so it WAS my birthday!

  1. eileen says:

    happy belated birthday!! i need more storage in my sewing room–i KNOW i don’t need less fabric, surely!! as for guilty fabric purchases–hmmmmmmmm…the owlies i couldn’t resist, hearts, angels, flowers are way too easy for me to figure out i need every one i see, so lately it’s been more $ than i can remember. as for $15 in the store, i’d love to spend it on anything by kaffe fassett or kate spain’s 12 days of Christmas charm pack or yardage. (i love the slide show on the store site) thanks for the opportunity and have a great day!!

  2. Janet says:

    Happy belated birthday. Glad you had a relaxing day with no internet interuptions.

    1. I need a new shelf. I`ve been bugging my hubby to put it in but he thinks we need to paint (we do) and he wants to do that first. I say heck, put in the shelf first. Painting can wait. (I`m not the painter)

    2. Things are expensive where I live but I am always frugal. I try to buy things on sale. I hunt through all the on-line fabric stores for Kaffe Fasset fabric on sale as that`s what I`m collecting right now. So I can blow $15 on gas for my car to drive to town, or I can hoard it to spend on fabric!

    3. Too much lately. I bought a fat quarter bundle of the organic line Circa 50 from Birch Fabric and about 5 yards of Hedgehog Meadow, just because I like them so much. Prices were okay though.

  3. Susan McKey says:

    Happy Birthday! I just had my own last week. Summer b’days are the best, aren’t they?
    Thing I must have in my studio: radio on, and windows open.
    How do I make $15 stretch: fat quarters. That way I get a little bit of a lot of things.
    Guilty pleasure spending: linen. I’m too embarrassed to say how much I’ll plunk down on a nice piece of linen.

    Cheerful birthday wishes to you! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Beverly Atkins says:

    My sewing room needs organization so bad but I can always squeeze more fabric in there. And with $15.00 I could add more fabric or an organizational tool or two – OH, decisions, decisions. Thanks for a chance.

  5. Nancy Sue Phillips says:

    What my sewing room needs is just that…more room. I’m beginning to think that my stash is like a goldfish however. The goldfish always grows in direct correlation to the room in the fish bowl. Thus, more room, the bigger the stash….I have bets on this!

    I can stretch that $15 until that goldfish says, “are you kidding me?”

    I have sneaked some pricier fabrics into the fish bowl, but they are for hubbies Christmas quilt ๐Ÿ™‚ (Ugandan prints). Good, fun questions. …and even better giveaway! Thank you for the generosity!
    Nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  6. Joy says:

    How fun…I’m new to the Raleigh area and just discovered Wish Upon A Quilt. It’s a great shop…thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway!

    Let’s see, in my sewing room I really need a design wall – I know how to set one up, I just need to take the time/effort to get it done.

    I can make $15 go pretty far – especially with Joann’s coupons.

    I’ll splurge maybe $30 on guilty pleasure fabrics once every month or so but I’m really trying to use what I already have!


  7. Victoria Lester says:

    I can stretch $15.00 pretty far as I always try to look for coupons or deals for fabric.

  8. Victoria Lester says:

    My sewing room could use a good measuring instrument. I just bought a sew machine 3 yrs ago and it’s been fun using but I find that my measuring methods are not orthodox.

  9. KT says:

    I need more room in my sewing room (which also doubles as my bedroom) so I can leave my sewing machine out all the time!

    Happy birthday, and thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday!

    What do I need in my sewing room? More time alone and more light!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway

  11. Kim says:

    1. I really need a new iron, but we all know those aren’t cheap!
    2. Batting, batting, and more batting…. b/c….see next answer
    3. I spend way too much on fabric and currently have 4 quilts in progress and 2 on the brain ๐Ÿ™‚

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  13. SewLindaAnn says:

    I need a real sewing desk and workspace in my sewing room, with storage (what a concept!). $15. would get me 4 yards of discounted $3.50 a yard fabric (old lines go cheap), I really don’t want to write down the number of a guilty pleasure purchase since then it becomes real!…if I must, probably about $30.

  14. Victoria says:

    Well, I definitely spend TOO MUCH on guilty pleasure fabric which is why I need better organization in my sewing room. As far as stretching a dollar…I head for the remnants. However, I was just looking at the fat quarter bundles at Wish Upon a Quilt and that $15.00 would almost cover that!

  15. Emily says:

    I need a new rotary cutter mat! I’ve had mine since I started sewing and I need to replace it now that I know what I’m doing.
    I’m very frugal – set me loose in a clearance section and I can do a lot of damage.
    I have never bought guilty pleasure fabric – I have to have a project in mind before I can buy.

  16. Marcia W. says:

    happy birthday…
    1. I need a new sewing machine (way more than $15)
    2. If won then would spend $15 on something I love yet wouldn’t normally buy. Such as a few yards of Kaffe or other designer.
    3. I make things stretch by buying “utilitarian items and fabric” at JoAnns or Wal-Mart, or online sales.

  17. Linda says:


    I always need(want) more Fabric-always been a lover of fabrics! Reds and pinks are have- to- have’s!

    Fairly frugal, but once in awhile I blow it on something I just have to have-like Tanya Whelans “Barefoot Roses”. Made a couple projects of this and was so afraid I wouldn’t be able to find any more in the future that I ordered it a 2nd time.

    Oh, I’d spend all I can!
    Thanks for sharing, Love,Linda

  18. Deb says:

    Belated Happy Birthday!!…my birthday is tomorrow the 2nd, and we usually celebrate all weekend since it’s a holiday. I would like some organizational storage units for my fabric, scraps, and sewing utensils. My area is needing something to help me keep my sanity. I’m actually very frugal so $15 would go a long way…it takes me forever to decide because i don’t want to waste my chance for what I can get for the $$. I’d love to win your 4th of July giveaway!! And what would I spend on fabric? ooh, whatever it takes to get what I absolutely need…$50?

  19. Erin M. says:

    Happy Late Birthday.

    2. With time and gas money not included, I feel pretty good about what I can get fabric-wise for $15. My “new” favorite thrift store prices their fabric donations at about $1/yard. It’s often smaller pieces, but I’ve been building up some variety at those prices.


  20. What do I need? I need a little more organization in my quilt room. One of these days I will get to that!

    I could stretch $15 by going online and buying more fabric. Then make a quilt that I would give to someone and save the money of buying a different gift. Oh, yes, that is often my plan!

    I spend too much to count on guilty fabric pleasure. I was just in NC and GA and spent more than I want to count on fabric I bought just because!

  21. Happy Birthday!

    1. Storage, storage and more storage! My poor fabric is in three or four different places, and my notions are all over the place.
    2. Before I look at the bolts of fabric I look in the remnants. Remnants are awesome when I am not looking for a specific fabric or print.
    3. My “guilty pleasure fabrics” usually only add up to less than $10 a week.

  22. I need a maid to come in and clean up. No, never mind, I wouldn’t be able to find anything then. I need . . I want more fabric!!

  23. janita says:

    what do I need in my sewing room…..
    someone sweet to organize it!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  24. Colleen says:

    I hope the birthday was happy!
    1. I need more bins to organize my small sewing room
    2. I am very frugal and can stretch $15 a loooong way
    3. $30 is really splurging for me . I would buy Lizzy House’s Castle Peeps. I just love that new fabric

  25. Bettina says:

    Love the questions! And thanks for doing a giveaway, a lovely idea!

    1. What do you need in your sewing room?

    hmmm, as I currently live in one room in a student hall of residence (I have gone back to school and am finishing my degree this year) I don’t have a sewing room-more a question of sitting cross-legged on my bed/sofa or babysitting at a friends in exchange for sewing machine time. I’d love a table large enough to cut patterns on. And the space to put it into.

    2. How far can you stretch 15 bucks? All the way from my purse to the cash register (and that’s a long way!) Actually, $15 would enable me to order a decent sized amount of fabric from the States as it would cover part of the postage/import duties.

    3. How much do you spend on โ€œguilty pleasure fabric?โ€
    that’s a hard question- all fabric is a guilty pleasure…but I would love some Liberty Tana Lawn, which is about ยฃ15 ($26ish?) to make a smocked blouse…oh to have a full time job again!

  26. daisy says:


    happy birthday! i’ll be having a birthday in a few days too and i’ll probably go to the beach as well. what a funny coincidence!

    you’ll laugh when i tell you what i need in my sewing room… a toilet! YES! see, my sewing room is in the attic of the building where i live. I live in the groundfloor and the attic is on the top, on the 4th floor. sometimes i climb all those stairs and i feel: man, i should have gone to the toilet before. so i climb back down, use my toilet, and then go back up. 4 stores up and down several times is not fun, specially when you have had two knee surgeries…

    on the other hand, i’m pro at streching money. i’m in portugal and we have euros, but i’m assuming 15 bucks is more or less 15 euros. since last week i have had 10 euros in my wallet (two bills of 5 euros) and today i spent 2 euros at the doctor, so i still have 8 euros left. for a week!!! i haven’t spent a dime!!! ehehehehe

    this is how i manage to afford my guilty pleasure. i never spend money on anything really, then all of a sudden i realise i have some money i could actually spend and… i choose to spend it in fabrics! ahahahaha

    your blog looks fun and i’ll be coming back. i’m hving a giveaway at my blog too, so you are welcomed thre!

    thanks for the opportunity of winning this great giveaway!!!

  27. Xandi says:

    Fun questions!

    1) need in sewing room – an ironing board. You know this pain personally. My old crappy one racks and creaks and pops and “walks” away from me while I use it.

    2) $15, not so far on fabric. I stretch my funds by getting batting, thread, rotary blades, etc. half off at Jo-Anns, then buy good quality fabric at Wish, Fabricworm, etc. I’m a fan of quality.

    3) guilty pleasure fabric – so far my biggest purchase has been Echino and Nani Iro at $22/yd. I think that’s the most I can stomach.

  28. Judy trott says:

    I need more space in my sewing room. I would have a little more if I could giveaway some of the “Ugly” fabric I haven’t found a use for. Some of it was given to me by other quilters so I feel guilty not to use it. I hope to do a string quilt and use some of it for our charity quilt program. The $15 I could use for fat quarters for the class I signed up for at Wish Upon a Quilt (end of July)!!

  29. daisysewing says:

    Happy belated birthday!

    1. I need more fabric – I know it’s weird, but I have total stash envy when I look at other people’s beautiful craft rooms full of beautiful fabrics.
    2. I can stretch it super far when it comes to life in general.. not so far when it comes to quilting stuff.
    3. A lot more than my paycheck likes… and a lot more than my boyfriend knows about.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Take care!

  30. Happy Birthday!

    I am really liking my sewing room right now. I have had one now for two years and am still just so happy to have a dedicated room for my sewing that I wouldn’t change anything.

    As far as how frugal I am, I am pretty much a tight wad. Years of putting your husband through school will do that to you. My husband teases that I could rub two pennies together and make a quarter. $15.00 could make me 3 baby quilts.

    As far as guilty pleasure fabric goes, I have a very strict $1.50 a yard limit and I only buy one yard. However, I have found some great sales and the quantity of those one yard cuts is getting rather large ๐Ÿ™‚ One time I did spend $2.00 a yard, call me crazy but it was cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Amy says:

    1. What do you need in your sewing room?
    Room to sew! I need a room itself.

    2. How far can you stretch 15 bucks?
    Get me in the craft store on a sale day and I’ll work my magic.

    3. How much do you spend on โ€œguilty pleasure fabric?โ€ Well, if I have a coupon….$10-$15 a yard

    Happy belated birthday!!!
    artsyrockerchick at aim dot com

  32. terriaw says:

    Dang, it was your birthday? I’m sorry I missed it! I would have had you over for cake. I have this great recipe for chocolate cake that I want to try. Happy birthday to you!!!
    1. I need a pressing pad in my sewing room.
    2. I have to admit that I am not frugal so I don’t think I could stretch 15 bucks very far. A case of beer. A couple bottles of wine. A stack of fat quarters. Maybe a take-out pizza.
    3. I would prolly spend $50 on guilty pleasure fabric, and it would prolly be something like AMH’s drawing room fabrics.

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