New Fence!

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On to new things. I’m loving our new backyard. Seriously. First, we ripped out all the “yuck” on the old porch and have a beautiful newly painted and ceiling fanned porch. NOW we have a gorgeous new fence {read: I can let the dogs out to pee at 5 am and they don’t have to be on leashes}!

Kevin and the guys at Rome Fence Co were AWESOME! I can’t say enough. It’s beautiful! My doggies are SO happy!

I’ve got a video from my phone that I still can’t figure out how to post (Don’t hold your breath, I’ll keep trying, but it isn’t looking so good.), so here are some pictures to tide you over! These pictures were prior to the “scallops” on the top being put in (per homeowners association requirements).

Layla's so happy she can't stand still for a picture.

Flying Ear Doggie!

You can’t see it well here (I was more focused on the dogs, go figure!), but there is a graceful scallop along the top.

Sniffin out the new digs!

"Thank you Mommy, I love my fence!"

See? Happy, happy dogs = VERY happy me. A very special thanks to Kevin and the guys at Rome Fence Co., We couldn’t be happier!


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3 Responses to New Fence!

  1. Joanna's Mom says:

    Awesome fence for an awesome family!

  2. terriaw says:

    What a fabulous fence! I do love that scallop in the back, and I love the tops of those posts. We have a fence around our backyard and just love it. I’m sure you will love yours too, especially since the dogs will be able to run around and play without much worry.

  3. daisysewing says:

    The fence looks great! And such happy doggies – so cute 🙂

    Take care,


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