Beaches and Quilts…

don’t always mix so well. Not that they CAN’T mix, I love them both. But I REALLY love the beach. Nothing soothes my soul like water, specifically that of the oceanic variety. We’ve been lucky enough to have THREE beach trips already this summer and have two more before it’s all said and done. Consequently, I haven’t been all that productive in my crafting ventures.

Reading on the porch of my Aunt and Uncle's BEAUTIFUL condo in Myrtle Beach, SC.

See? How could you stay inside when you’ve got that outside your window!?

However, I did have a few marathon sewing days in the last week and I’m PROUD to say that the Pink and Green Quilt is DONE. (I can’t show you pictures yet, because the bride hasn’t seen it-and she’s a faithful reader-Hi Jennifer!) So…I’ll just give you a glimpse at the corner and you’ll have to come back to see the rest!


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I married the "one who got away" and try to remember how lucky I am each and every day.
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4 Responses to Beaches and Quilts…

  1. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt! If there is a happier color combination than pink and green, I don’t know what it is!

  2. arlijohn says:

    I grew up on beaches and have been away for awhile. You made me homesick!

  3. terriaw says:

    I’m so envious of all your beach trips! We haven’t been to the beach in a couple years. It looks wonderfully relaxing just sitting there reading a book. I get more in the mood to read in summer than quilt or craft. Your embroidered label turned out so gorgeous!

  4. eileen says:

    love what i can see of the fabrics!! and your view is wonderful–agree totally about the ocean–soothes the soul. i’ve always loved the mountains and the ocean. right now live in near mountains and rivers. would move to the ocean in a heartbeat if could but have to settle for getting there occasionally.

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