Chanukkah in July! (AND presents for me!)

We had a HUGE Christmas in July event at Wish last weekend and it as fantastic! However, being a Jew in the south, there isn’t a whole lot about Christmas in July that I get excited about. BUT WAIT! Our wonderful shop owner ordered CHANUKKAH fabric! CHANUKKAH in July, now there’s something I can get into! {Disclaimer: after seeing all the amazing Christmas in July quilts, tree skirts, adorable snowman, Santa, reindeer stuff, etc…I totally love Christmas in July now, too.}

So, Chanukkah fabric in hand, I went home and immediately made…

A DREIDEL GAME POUCH! (from this pattern)

Cash and Carry, appropriate to hold gelt, yes?

I got the directions online and tucked them inside with a dreidel and eventually I’ll put some gelt (gold covered chocolate coins) in.

SUPER cute 🙂

Also, it was my first venture in zipper installation. I learned a few things and I said a few wordy-dirds, but I don’t think you can tell that I struggled!

AND SPEAKING of Chanukkah (or getting presents…from me…to me…), guess what I got in the mail! My new bag from Terri! She blogged about a handbag experiment that she had going on a while back and I fell in LURVE with the red and pink bag! She’s got a very cool Etsy shop called Patchwork Trails (check it out here). So, I asked her if she was planning on putting them up in the shop or if she’d consider making one for me…and she said YES! (At this moment, I’m feeling like I sound as if I asked her to marry me…but that’s how excited I am about my bag!)

ANYWAY! It’s here. It’s beautiful. Thank you, Terri, I love it!

My new baby!

Zippered pocket on this side, open one on the other!

::sigh:: gorgeous

I’m gearing up for Jennifer’s wedding this weekend (Don’t you worry, I’ll put the quilt up in an auto-post so you can see it while I’m gone.) and must go pack! Have a great week everyone!

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4 Responses to Chanukkah in July! (AND presents for me!)

  1. terriaw says:

    So happy your new handbag arrived! and that you like it.

    I love that Chanukkah fabric you found. Perfect for that zippered pouch, and to carry your Dreidel game set. Maybe you can teach me someday.

  2. Joanna's Mom says:

    OH MY WORD – You did a zipper???!!! How very impressive! I had a love, hate relationship with zippers! I am SO impressed. What an incredible person Terri is for making you a bag, not even to mention how gorgeous it is AND the workmanship is incredible! Enjoy! I love the gelt bags, brilliant idea!

  3. eileen says:

    Chanukkah bag is just darling! love all the story, too. Terri’s bags are very nice …so precisely made. have a great day. Love Chanukkah in july idea for the game bag. I’m doing Christmas in july stuff now. When i think of Chanukkah i remember my dear friend i’ve known my whole life who was Jewish. her mom taught piano and always had a Christmas tree and decorations for those of us who were Christian and Chanukkah decorations for those who were Jewish. I’ve always loved the feeling those all gave me even as a tiny little girl

  4. cathy says:

    Love the Chanuukah bag and your new bag…both fabulous!

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