The Pink and Green Quilt a.k.a. Jennifer and Brandon’s Quilt

I’m away at my friend Jennifer’s wedding this weekend and I’m FINALLY going to give her this quilt! Thank you autoblogger! (I know that isn’t the name, but it’s what I call it.)

I’ve been talking about this thing forever!

Adventures in JoannaMath

Holy Half-Square Triangles Batman!

WIP Wednesday

Pink and Green Quilt Top-Check

Your opinion, please!

A lil’ bit of my life

See? It has taken over my sewing room (coughLIFEcough) for the last few months and has been in the works since March. Needless to say, it has had SEVERAL phases, but instead of boring you with all of that (and because my self actualizations are far funnier-to me at least) I’ll give you basic stats and then some things I learned along the way.

Pink and Green Quilt (now Jennifer and Brandon’s Wedding Quilt) Basic Stats:

  • 48″x62″
  • 168+ 4″ half square triangles oriented into a diamond pattern (squares started out at 5″)
  • Pink and Green fabrics from Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern, Daisy Chain and one more (oops!), Lila Tueller’s Santorini, Kate Spain’s Verna and Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane lines
  • White solid is Kona Snow
  • Backing is Kaffe Shot Cotton in Pink
  • Quilting is 1/4″ echo on either side of diamond seams

Things I learned during The Pink and Green Quilt:

  1. Laying out your quilt on the floor will result in black fur all over the quilt. Half of this will be from the floor itself, half will come from your dog laying (jumping, running, etc.) over it. You will later meticulously pick every single one of these off and double wash the quilt because you know your friend has allergies!
  2. It is POINTLESS to try to fix all the squares to make the layout “pretty.” When you’re at 168+ squares, it’s going to look pretty regardless.

    Taken from the upstairs balcony.

  3. When sewing your HST’s together, be VERY careful to check which way the triangle is supposed to face. Otherwise you’ll end up with two rows of the triangles facing ALL the same way (instead of switching halfway through to make a diamond). Don’t do this twice. It will result in much cussing and wordy-dirding. ::steam::

    One of these things is not like the other!

  4. Sewing while watching hockey is a bad, bad, bad idea unless you’re sewing binding on the couch. Anything involving a machine needs to wait. See above.
  5. Seams. A million seams. 3 kinds of seams. Some open, some to the side, some to the other side, some pressed open then changed, ugh.
  6. Decide how you are going to add that killer embroidered block to the back BEFORE you show everyone. It will break your heart when you have to cut it down because you don’t want to quilt through it.

    ::sigh:: I miss this block!

  7. Basting in your house may require you to move tables. Out of your kitchen, around the corner, over the river and through the woods…you get the idea. Make sure ALL dogs are inside and accounted for before you block access to the inside with your WHITE quilt.

    Note closed door behind me. Layla was lurking just beyond it.

  8. Keeping a colorful, beautiful thing around for too long (and asking opinions every few days) will cause your husband to become attached to said thing. To prevent him from keeping it, embroider someone else’s name on it!
  9. Machingers=lifesaving, especially when you decide not to use a walking foot in favor of your trusty 1/4″ foot!
  10. Binding is a largely couch intensive project. Be sure to be sugar sweet to your husband because he cooks dinner for you and brings you everything you can’t reach for two nights in a row while you stitch! Also, be SUPER sure you give him double kisses for the OttLite!

    All clipped and ready for binding!

    My birthday present: OttLite!

So without further ado…the pink and green quilt!

LOVE the quilting on this!

Hubby's feet šŸ™‚

::sigh:: so pretty

Smaller, appliqued block

Congratulations Jennifer and Brandon, we’re so happy for you! I hope you love your quilt as much as you love each other!


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7 Responses to The Pink and Green Quilt a.k.a. Jennifer and Brandon’s Quilt

  1. Lana says:

    That is a beautiful Quilt!!! You did a tremendous job! Good for you!!! Now, how long would it take for you to finish one for me? I am NOT allergic to animals…. šŸ™‚

  2. sewing spots says:

    Wow! You’ve been busy! Everything looks great! You must be enjoying the new job. I’m starting my first (and last) quilt. Should be on the blog sometime…

  3. eileen says:

    oh, that did turn out lovely!! they will be so happy to get it. love the fabrics and layout. your ott lite is fantastic. i have a floor ott lite that i figured out a way to hang some things from. yours would be a nicer and neater solution, though. have a great day

  4. Meghan says:

    Haha, no matter how careful you are with HSTs, it seems some of them always get turned around. They’re just finicky little creatures šŸ™‚

    The quilt is gorgeous, and I’m still blown away by that beautiful label. The quilting looks perfect, too! The happy couple is going to love it šŸ™‚

  5. Lyn says:

    No one ever had a more beautiful and heartfelt gift. You can just feel the love. It is a treasure as are you. Your comments are so on target-funny and true to life. Love, Lyn

  6. Jackie Edens says:

    Joanna, It’s absolutely beautiful. There is no other gift than a handmade quilt. She will cherish it forever. It could not be more perfect for them! See you this weekend in Charleston!


  7. terriaw says:

    Yay, so happy we FINALLY get to see a picture of this gorgeous quilt! I really love your list of things you learned, many of which I need to remember myself. I love the quilting you did on this – looks very cool on the back too. Enjoy the wedding and congrats to your friends. They are going to LOVE this gift!

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