Bee Blocks-July Edition

I’ve had NO time to sew this week, it has been crazy! So, I got up early (with my doggie…at 6am) and worked on these before I went into the quilt shop. This month Candi was up in the Bee in my Bonnet VQB. The colors were pretty oranges and aquas and she had REALLY simple instructions. Squares. Rectangles. 90 angles, no wonkiness. I love it! Easy peasy.

Except I suck at measuring. AND 90 degree angles require measuring. I also really stink at adding in those ever elusive 1/4″ seams to make things all line up perfectly. To combat this, I planned. Extensively. I was so proud of myself, I had pulled out the ol’ graph paper and started drawing away. I had all kinds of options! I even thought about all of that this morning when I got to cutting.

I made up this weave-y sort of rectangular block and I had other ideas for the second but, well you’ll see.

I didn’t add enough for seams. I always mess that up. I thought, “I know I need more, but if I follow my pattern, it will be ok and I’ll just have a smaller block.” NOPE. I always forget I need an extra 1/4″ ALL the way around. Ugh Whatever. It’s finished. I did a great job (at least I think I did) and I subbed in a fabric I hadn’t chopped to account for the seams.

All Fixed! Weave-y, Rectangle-y

The second block went much better. I made a big center square and pieced all my scraps (from the previous block) around the edges. Pretty and best of all, no calculating!

Square in square block, slightly off-center

Ready to go!

They’ll be in the mail Monday, I hope you like them Candi!


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5 Responses to Bee Blocks-July Edition

  1. emma says:

    Love the colors and patterns you used!! Thank you for sharing!! I have been sharing a great website I found called they have all types of unique and creative downloadable quilt patterns and a great selection of all types of kites, quilt patterns, just about everything even fabric. If you are ever looking for some creative quilt patterns or just want to be inspired you should check this site out!

  2. Joanna's Mom says:

    I love them! They look like something Robyn G. would have designed! Fabulous, just fabulous!

  3. Meghan says:

    I think you did a great job, too! I really like the first one 🙂

  4. terriaw says:

    These are supposed to be fun, right?! Glad you persevered and made such wonderful blocks!

  5. sewing spots says:

    They’re really pretty! Great colors, too!

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