Finished it!! Friday :)

FIRST, let me say I’m pissed at my mailman. Though I never actually get to see him (her?) I’m STILL missing my swap stuff, my VQB fabric and various and sundry other things. ::STEAM:: I think he (again, she?) withholds things (or loses) them. Perhaps I have misdirected anger at the US Postal System, but I digress.

Whew. Sorry ’bout that!

On to my verbal happy dance! I completed my FIRST project that I’m not ashamed to wear outside of my living room. (AND I plan on wearing it OUT today!) A while back (ok a REALLY long time ago) I signed up to participate in Randi’s Sew-Along. I got the pattern and fabric from her shop and they promptly sat here for a couple of months.

Yesterday, I got inspired! The pattern is The Versatile Wrap Skirt by Make it Perfect and it was a SNAP! I mean, I’ve been trying to sew garments for a long time now and have NOT been successful. In fact, I’ve been extraordinarily unsuccessful but and I only goofed ONE time on this (totally my fault)! So without further ado…

Skirt Stats:
– When I drew out my pattern pieces, I made the body 18″ instead of 20″.
– Fabric is Jennifer Paginelli (Flower Power, Kate’s Wish in light blue)
– I completed my SECOND ever successful buttonhole šŸ™‚

My goof was sewing the hem onto the top of the skirt, not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, it did need a band there too. It just made for some interesting piecing on my ties.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Don’t you?

(Forgive low quality photos, it is not the camera’s fault. The fault lies in my dirty mirror…yikes!)

Profile. Note different dog in background (We're dogsitting and Toby a.k.a. Tubbs follows me everywhere!)

Front View

Folded (not that skinny!) on the ironing board.

I’ve also been busy doing other things this week! For example, I’ve organized my fabrics into airtight bins (Thank YOU Target for your back to school organizational sales!)

Ok, so they're not the NEATEST yet and I need to move them back to the sewing room...but PROGRESS! Yes?


This time, rectangles!


Happy Friday, ya’ll!


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5 Responses to Finished it!! Friday :)

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  2. sewing spots says:

    Nice job on the skirt! See, it’s easy to sew for yourself, just takes practice. Now, I need to talk you into coming to organize *my* fabrics!

  3. Janet says:

    Stopping by some of the bloggers who commented on Jennsylvania, and I found yours. You have such cute things to show, and you’re so talented! I love the skirt!

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  5. terriaw says:

    Adorable skirt! I bought that pattern and some fabric too, but mine is still sitting on the shelf. Good for you for finishing yours. It looks fab on you! Love that rectangular string block, especially the pink stripe down the middle surrounded by awesome black and white prints. What is up with your postman?! (That swap package was supposed to be delivered yesterday, according to our postman.)

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