Terri’s Ornament Swap!

I wanted to wait until my package got here so I could blog about both giving and receiving at the same time, however, my postman (woman?) is plotting against me so this took a while! I participated in Terri’s Ornament in July Swap this past month. I stressed forever about what to make and send to my partner. Terri is SO creative and never fails to amaze…so I had big shoes to fill!!

I decided to go the supercute route…as you can rarely go wrong there! I made Heather Bailey’s Effie and Ollie (Renamed Big Red the Effa-Lant) and Henrietta (Redubbed Harry the Chanukkah Turtle) pincushions.

Big Red and Harry...in all their glory!

I also sent along two of my favorite Christmas fabrics from Wish Upon a Quilt. They’re both from the Hallmark Line and I just LURVE them!

Aren't the ornaments pretty?

ANNND DUN DA DA DAAAAA!! Mine arrived yesterday!! {You live to see another day, post-person, but I’m watching you.} Terri sent me the SWEETEST ornaments! A precious dove, a hand-knitted sweater and an adorable blue star. She also sent along some Amy Butler fat quarters. The turquoise paisley type one has to be one of my favorite fabrics…ever. Seriously, Terri, you’re SO good!

All lined up on the mantle...

The detailing is simply amazing! LOOK at that itty-bitty sweater!! In the words of my dear friend, Jennifer, “SHUT UP!” I just LOVE them!!

::sigh:: so cute!

I have the best swap partner EVER!! Thank you so much, Terri! They are WONDERFUL!!


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3 Responses to Terri’s Ornament Swap!

  1. randi says:

    very very cute! you can always count on terri for something fun!

  2. terriaw says:

    Yay, so happy to hear that package FINALLY arrived! Who woulda thought it would take six days to get something to NC! So happy to hear you love them – I love mine too! Thanks for playing along with me in this ornament swap!

  3. Jennifer says:

    SHUT UP! They are just so cute 🙂 I love them too!

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