Fabric Friday (Redux!)

Ok-just one more! Don’t hold your breath for the weekly thing…I can’t get any more fabric until I complete a quilt top or maybe another skirt, well maybe just another project. Uh oh. This is how I get into trouble. ::sigh::

This week’s fabric is a long-awaited acquisition. I love Heather Ross. I have Weekend Sewing, the whole Mendocino line (minus a few of the lighter colors for a sweet baby blanket), and all kinds of yummy scraps and tidbits from other lines collected from all over the place. I also managed to snag a few yards of the first Far Far away unicorns.

AND I really wanted Far Far Away II. I mean REALLY wanted it! However, I wasn’t fast enough and everywhere sold out like {snap} POOF! BUT not this time!

Oh, yes! THANK YOU HAWTHORNE THREADS!! Check out their blog here. They have AMAZING fabrics and have been wonderful to work with! Anyway, back to the fabric.  That is a fat quarter of EVERY SINGLE PRINT! IN MY HOUSE! ON MY COUCH!

Meadow, Plum and Aqua! I HAVE ALL THREE LINES!!

Sleeping Beauty

Complete with Lilly of the Valley (We have those in our garden!)


Let down your hair!

The Pussycat and the Owl

Owl and Pussycat went out to sea...

Moon Faces

Man in the Moon!

You should have seen me squealing and dancing around my kitchen last night! My husband (adorable, wonderful, sweet man that he is) was making me dinner because I was working late and all I could do was jump up and down hugging the fabric. (I’m a bad wife, I know, I know.) He looked at me and said, “That fabric gets a hug…but I don’t?” THAT, my friend, is when you know you have a problem. So, feeling like a heel, I set down the fabric and commenced to huggin’ on my hubby. It is a really good thing he loves me.

Now, you must forgive me. I have to go squeak and squeal a little more before he gets home!


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2 Responses to Fabric Friday (Redux!)

  1. Joanna's Mom says:

    Squeak, squeal and hug all you want! You deserve it too! Too bad that the man in the moon print is not the Toucan in the moon! Fabric is precious and so are you and your wonderful husband!

  2. terriaw says:

    Does this mean I should buy some of these fabrics? I love them, but they seemed kinda expensive, so I hesitated. But they are so darn adorable! I can just picture you hugging your new fabrics – love it!

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