Sewing (for me) Sunday!

I bought a panel of Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks Voile (Square Dance) a while back. You may remember, that I also tried to make a scarf out of it and that it didn’t exactly work out. I love the fabric though, and couldn’t bring myself to scrap it. The (horribly cut) fabric has been sitting in a project basket on my sewing table taunting me since March. About two months ago, the very talented Anna Maria Horner made this dress for a museum function. I LOVED it, but didn’t make the connection…until today.


TA DA!!! I didn’t have the panel and a half that she used, but I did have ONE panel and some sweet coordinating pastry line dobby dots, so I improvised!

Upon further examination-STILL in love!

Look at me! Actually, look at the dress, I have on no makeup. (That’s how excited I was to take pictures and share with you. You should feel special-I don’t do “no makeup” pictures!) Are you proud? I’m proud! I think it is beautiful! I have a dress that is similar in cut to this one that I’ve WORN OUT this summer. The problem is…it’s a little short and I’m always self-conscious when I wear it. Not this one though! It’s beautiful! It’s the perfect length! I made it myself! I now have TWO (handcrafted) wearable articles of clothing!

Always stop to smell the gardenias!

A few notes from making the dress:

  • I had to re-sew the large squares to the smaller ones (and due to my terrible cutting failure earlier-some are not 100% straight) and then I sewed the green pastry line to the bottom of the small squares. After that, I followed AMH’s cutting directions.
  • I DID NOT follow her seaming directions. I’m not so good with the multiple pressing, turning, sewing thing. I zig-zagged all seams after I straight stitched them. I also did this on the arms and neck. I did *TRY* to make the neckline like hers. I did fairly well, to be honest. That is, until I tried it on. The deep V’s were in the wrong places and I had to open my (now zig-zag stitched) seams. This resulted in cutting and a zig-zagged neckline 🙂
  • Instead of three rows of elastic, I only used one under the bust; I’m really short-waisted!
  • After pulling my husband inside from yardwork (he REALLY loves me) to pin my hem, I finished the hem by turning a 1/4(ish)” and another 1/4(ish)”, pressing and sewing.

Seriously, this dress is just stunning! Add that to the fact that I’m barely five feet tall and I’m just all kinds of cute. REALLY.

Happy Sunday (Monday), ya’ll!


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6 Responses to Sewing (for me) Sunday!

  1. Kaye Green says:

    WOW- I am REALLY impressed you are absolutely brilliant AND cute! Gorgeous dress and amazing improve! Grandma would love your creation and your gardenias!

  2. Rachel says:

    How pretty! Thanks for sharing. I really should make myself a dress like that too…

  3. Heather Gill says:


    PS. I owe you a phonecall back. Life is NUTS! Coffee soon?

  4. terriaw says:

    You are entitled to be very proud of this dress cuz it’s gorgeous! And it looks fabulous on you! I love that cut and length on you. I’m so impressed with your improvising and tweaking this to make it you. I’m also jealous cuz I would love to make a dress this pretty! Good for you!!!

  5. Meghan says:

    So beautiful!

  6. I love this dress! You are so talented and adorable. 🙂

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