One of my favorite people in the world is pregnant. I never thought I’d ever say that (oh getting older is very strange) but it is true.

I’ve obsessed over what to make, how to make it and everything in between. I’m not done yet (haven’t sandwiched the quilt and I’m still missing burp cloths and a hooter-hider) but I’ve finished the quilt pieces.

For the record-I’ve made two tops. I drew the first one out and happily cut and sewed to my heart’s content. Unfortunately, what was very, very cute on graph paper, is NOT cute in reality.


Looks cute, right?

Think again.

The blocks were just too big. They looked right in the small-scale, but when they were scaled up, it just looks lazy. Hence, the second top. Now, I’m not one for patterns. I don’t follow directions well and I’m not the most precise cutter. Maybe it’s because I’m a perfectionist, you know? If something isn’t precisely like the pattern says, I feel like I’m wrong. If I don’t use a pattern, though, it’s all just a “design choice.”

I’ve been loving Oh Fransson’s New Wave Quilt and, despite my crazy pattern paranoia, thought I could recreate it (patternless) without too much trouble. It is deceptively simple looking. There are lots of pieces. Lots of sashing, lots of ordering…in short, I was wrong. There was trouble. As my darling husband pointed out-angles aren’t always my friends and this thing is FULL of ’em. Eventually, I printed out her PDF and did some reading. Things went much better after that!

BUT that’s not the best part! I made some creative fabric choices. {Read: I made one top already and had to go hunting for other fabric options in my stash!} For the sashing, I used white flannel and it feels delicious! I also found some really sweet pink and white seersucker that matched the fabrics she’d already chosen for the nursery. The result? An adorable quilt with all kinds of yummy fabric textures for the new munchkin.

Seersucker, flannel and sweet prints, oh my!

So cute.

T-minus 9 days until the shower. Wish me luck!


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5 Responses to Textures!

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  2. tejehannah says:

    Dear Joanna, these are beautiful! I love the colours you have chosen!
    I met your lovely dogs! Hugs for Hank and Layla!
    Wishes fom Crete: Teje and ‘Nero’

  3. Sarah says:

    Joanna: LOVE IT!! I’d almost have another baby just so you can make stuff for it…KIDDING. I love reading all about the process of how you start, have an “oops” moment, and figure it out. I also love the dress you showcased in an earlier blog. I’m so impressed!!. Hugs.

  4. Joanna's Mom says:

    Fantastic…as in the Girl Scout way, you looked at “it”, figured out what the problem was (What”s wrong), what you needed to do about it (how to fix it) and You Did It! You are amazing! I liked the first one, I LOVE this one! I can just imagine the baby fingering all the different textures and then landing on the flannel…better save some for repairs in the future!

  5. daisysewing says:

    With the first quilt top, I was thinking “oh, that’s not so bad” but then I saw your second one and it is just so perfect! I am also not big on patterns, but I have been toying with making the New Wave.. and I think you’ve just sold me on it. Plus, I LOVE the idea of mixing some flannel in.

    Talk to you later, Julie

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