Bee Blocks for October!

It’s FINALLY starting to cool off here and starting to feel like fall!! Last night we had a beautiful Shabbos dinner (complete with our knobby gourds)…

…and the afternoons are perfect for lazing around with the doggies on the porch!

Layla and Joanna

Hank and Joanna

But I digress…

This month is Meghan’s in my VQB. She gave us lots of leeway and some really bright, modern Christmas fabrics. I am slightly in love with wonky stars, so I went with those. I used The SillyBooDilly’s Wonky Star Tutorial in three different sizes (1.5″, 2″ and 2.5″) instead of her 4.5″ squares.

The first one was impossibly small…with much yelling and a little burning of fingers with the iron on those ridiculously tiny seams. After that one though, I got the hang of it. It is also entirely possible that I had the “hang” of it when I did the first one, it was just too small to be affected by my “skills.”

Itty Bitty Seams! That isn't even the littlest one!

I really wanted to set one of the stars on point, but no matter which one I turned or which way I turned it, it never looked quite right. So, I went with a straight setting. I got the stars all together and embroidered the word “sparkle” in the top corner. ONE of these days I will learn to embroider BEFORE I finish a project! I never think that far ahead. For those of you who are wondering why embroidering needs to come first, think about how a hoop would fit in that corner….circle gets the square…or not. It just makes the entire process more complicated than it has to be.

Meghan's October Block


I twisted in a silver strand with the red for the big “S” and left the rest of the letters plain red. I also wrestled three sparkly stars out of that silver thread. Every time I pick it up to use it I think about how pretty it is and that I should use it more often. After sewing though, I always remember why I don’t use it-that thread is a pain in the tush! Lucky for Meghan, I’m forgetful and entranced by sparkles!


She also wanted a siggy block. Again, she was very open with her instructions. Basically…decorate. I traced three different sized spools of thread to make the bubbles and fused them down with Steam-a-Seam2.

Bubbles on the Siggy Block

That’s all for now; I hope you like them, Meghan! They’ll be winging their way back to you on Monday.


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6 Responses to Bee Blocks for October!

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  2. Joanna's Mom says:

    I am in love with wonky everything…but the stars are going to be my favorite! I love your embrodiery skills…they seem to give a special depth and light to your work! Really beautiful. I love working with the metallic threads…nothing like a challenge!

  3. terriaw says:

    Thank goodness your temperatures finally cooled off – I was beginning to worry about you. Looks like you are enjoying some relaxing time, and staying caught up with these fabulous bee blocks! Love love love your star blocks and embroidery, especially that extra touch with the silver thread added in!!!

  4. eileen says:

    wonky stars are just too fun…i love them and i love to do fussy cut centers for them. i like the precision but also the ability to pick just where the wonkiness goes wonky!! your signature block is marvelous and boy, do i know how nasty metallic threads can be…both by hand and on my machine. i have to REALLY want something sparkly to use them, but they sure do add wonderful bling.

  5. Meghan says:

    I love them soooo much, Joanna! I almost squealed at my desk at work when I scrolled down to the siggy block. Thank you so much!

  6. I am loving the wonky stars lately. They are fun and so creative. I think I may need to make some holiday stars myself!

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