My mailbox.

Two weeks is far too long to wait between posts! I have so much to put up here, and at first, none of it seemed connected or possible to put in one post. (I imagine that’d be one reason to keep up with my blogging!) However, after much contemplation and some procrastination (or vice versa) I’ve determined it can all pretty much be summed up by trips to and from the mailbox.


Bee Blocks for Meghan: Nuff Said.

Napkins for my cousins:

Welcome Road!

Don't you love the Greens!?

We went to see them on our whirlwind Georgia trip…and they needed some napkins! Cute, huh? The geometric print is called “Welcome Road” and I thought that was fitting, as they welcomed us on our road trip!

P.S. You should ALWAYS check to make sure your stitches work around corners if you’re going to decorate napkins. You should ALSO stop when you realize that they AREN’T working. Many thousands (no, I’m not exaggerating) of ripped stitches later, I was cussing. BUT! I didn’t lose hope. That is, until I realized I didn’t have enough thread {insert choice expletive here}! What should have been a quick project turned into a two-day adventure. Good thing I love ’em….right?

Tablecloth and notecards for my Mom:

Mom's Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Fall themed Notecards! (More on Flickr)

These also came from our Georgia trip. Mom’s had this Thanksgiving tablecloth forEVER and it’s never been hemmed! So, I took it home with me, squared it up and hemmed it. (P.S. The upside of needing to buy more thread for the napkins? Having enough green to hem up this puppy!) I sent it back to her via Winnebago (Really, who could make this up?) and my Daddy (complete with a couple of cute notecards) for the fall!


Heather Ross Studio Sale (!) Package: Ohmigoodness! I GOT TO TALK TO HEATHER ROSS!! SHE CALLED ME! I almost had a heart attack. She’s so amazing. What did she say, Joanna? What did she say!? Ok, she said she had some pajamas…that she thought I’d like. I thought, “UMMM anything you like, I like!” But she didn’t know, because they were themed. “Themed?” Yes, themed. As in Bridal theme. OHMIGOODNESS!! I’m that age!! I got married! My friends are getting married!! I can make so many people things from these!! So I said, “GREAT!! Send them!” I thought I’d be getting, you know, a pair of pants…and that’d be it. Munki Munki PJ’s are expensive and my limit was $50. You can imagine my shock when I received the ENTIRE set of PJ’s (over $80 retail, not to mention they’re out of print!) AND a scrap bag! AMAZING! Now that they’re here though, (and my size no less!) I have to say, none of my friend are getting pieces of these. Their bride-sy cuteness and adorable orange Kitchenaid-selves are going in my drawer!

Ok, you can't see the Kitchaid in this pic, but it's epic!

Far Far Away, Munki Munki, Mendocino, Oh My!!

Munki Munki Prints: I couldn’t get enough. As soon as I got my HR package, I had to search for the two things I requested and didn’t get: the fishies and the yoga girls. Lucky for me, Etsy rocks.

::sigh:: delish

The Practical Guide to Patchwork:

I love Elizabeth Hartman. I love her blog, I love her patterns  and evidently her (our) maiden name! I jumped on the chance to get an autographed copy and you should too. AH-MA-ZING! Did I mention it is autographed?


Carolina Hurricanes (Child Size) Third Jersey:

Child sized because I’m itty bittyAND BECAUSE IT’S HOCKEY SEASON YA’LL!! I also made ruffly scarves, of course!  LET’S GO CANES!!

Versions 1.0 and 2.0

WHEW! I’m tired! That’s a lot to jam in one post. I promise I’ll be better in the future! I also sound like I’m hyped up on sugar, sorry. I may or may not definitely had extra candy left over from my least favorite holiday.


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  2. John Adams says:

    I’ve got a LOT of the yoga print in case you need more. Just let me know. Also, I gave you a big shout-out on my blog today!

  3. Sarah says:

    Wow! You’ve been busy. Totally awesome stuff. I love the Green napkins for the Greens. Ha ha. I love your stuff…did I say that already? 🙂

  4. terriaw says:

    Darn, how did I miss the HR studio sale? I am drooling over the loot you got! Beautiful napkins, tablecloth and notecards! You have been so productive lately with such a great variety of goodies. BTW, I love how you summed it all up!

  5. Sarah says:

    Hey Girly! It was awesome talking with you up at the quilt shop a week or so ago. I have been checking your blog for your HR studio sale, it looks like you got some awesome stuff! I just love the bride PJ’s!

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