A quickie!!

Not that!! Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking about a quickie project. I love Elizabeth Hartman. She’s so creative and fun and I just adore reading her blog. What I really love about her though, is how she makes my life easier!

I have trouble with ironing boards. I currently have two in my home. I hate both. The first one creaked and squeaked and as soon as I got to a certain place (usually where I needed a precise seam pressed or something) it would “pop” up or down and mess me up. I bought a second one and it’s brown and ugly and wouldn’t you know it, I melted something on the end and well, you get the idea.

I don’t like having them out because a) they’re ugly b) they take up space and c) I’m a piler. (Any horizontal surface deserves a pile, I don’t mean to do it and I de-pile at least once a week, but it is an unfortunate truth in my home.)

Enter Elizabeth Hartman’s genius. A while back (ok, a loooong while back), I saw her tutorial for a TV tray pressing table. Great idea! It’s small, cheap, unobtrusive ANNND it is NOT big enough to pile on! So, about two weeks ago, I marched myself down to Target and bought one of these.

A couple layers of batting, a layer of denim, my husband’s SUPER CRAZY stapler and in  less than thirty minutes, viola!

Cute, right? Note, shameful pile on my only kitchen stool. I have since cleared it off!

Here it is all folded up and pile-less! Wish me luck-I’m hoping that this little guy will be a great addition to the Hody Handmade Family!!



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5 Responses to A quickie!!

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  2. Liz says:

    I am a serious piler too. I am glad to finally find that it is a condition that affects others and actually has a name. That makes it OK. I am surprised you don’t pile on your little ironing board too, or are you in remission?

  3. Joanna's Mom says:

    What an ingenious idea! I love anything that is small and works well and this fits both bills! You come by the piling honestly!

  4. Karen says:

    Great post! I love Elizabeth’s blog too and thought this was such a clever idea. I hate my ironing board as well so I really should try this. Yours turned out great!

  5. terriaw says:

    my mind was definitely NOT in the gutter! LOL! Great little ironing board. This would be handy to have in my tiny sewing room.

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