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It is hard to believe that I’ve only been REALLY sewing for about a year. Evidently people in my family have noticed that I seem to be consumed by my sewing machine because I got some GREAT sewing related gifts … Continue reading

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A less Wordy Wednesday-December Edition.

Because we all know I can’t do wordless. I fully meant to do an entire Chanukkah post. It didn’t happen. I fully meant to do a handmade presents post. Nada. I fully meant to acknowledge all the cool things people … Continue reading

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Muggin’ Monday

::mug rug:: I cannot get over the name ::shudder:: I really cannot get over the name. These little sweethearts are essentially giant coasters, which is what I’m going to call them, for two reasons. One: “Giant Coaster” is descriptive (and … Continue reading

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Challah Covers times Six (or Seven)

I’ve met so many wonderful people working at Wish. Amazing quilters, adorable kids, new friends, local business owners, you name it. One such person is Diane. She’s starting a business here in Raleigh called Temple Treasures. A website is in … Continue reading

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Three by Three

No, I’m not talking about anything truly math related. I’m just running out of catchy titles. Today marks the day that I’m giving up keeping the holiday sewing quiet. I have so much to show you and if I wait … Continue reading

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Happy Chanukkah!!

I’ve been sewing away for the last two weeks, but I can’t show you ANY of it because Christmakkah (Chanumas?) is upon us and every last stitch is for someone or another’s present! You see, I have such great family … Continue reading

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