Happy Chanukkah!!

I’ve been sewing away for the last two weeks, but I can’t show you ANY of it because Christmakkah (Chanumas?) is upon us and every last stitch is for someone or another’s present! You see, I have such great family and friends who loyally read my blog and I’m not about to let them peek! You will be amazed (in a week or two or three when I can post) though, lots and lots of handmade presents this year!

So, for those of you who start tonight, Happy Chanukkah, and for those of you who will get to the celebrating a little later in the month, Merry Christmas!

Night One-2009


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I married the "one who got away" and try to remember how lucky I am each and every day.
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  1. terriaw says:

    Happy Chanukkah to you and your family! How wonderful to hear that your family reads your blog. Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun making gifts for everyone. That’s the best way to celebrate the season.

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