Three by Three

No, I’m not talking about anything truly math related. I’m just running out of catchy titles. Today marks the day that I’m giving up keeping the holiday sewing quiet. I have so much to show you and if I wait ’til the end, it’ll be overwhelming and crazy so I’m done! I already sent my mother pictures and I’m fairly sure my sister is too busy to read this before the package makes it to her house, so here goes!

I made three purses…for three women. Specifically my mother, myself and my sister (oddly enough we always seem to be in that order in pictures too.)

At our cousin's wedding.

I found this GREAT tutorial for a gathered clutch on Noodlehead’s blog a while back and I really wanted to make one, but I’m scared of purses. Patterns are involved (and we all know how well I do with patterns); there are zippers, interfacings, linings, oh my! Anyway, I wanted to make one but didn’t. UNTIL we got to the end of a very specific Kaffe bolt at Wish. (Oddly enough, that’s how I ended up starting my last project, too.) You see, it really looked like a fabric my Mom would like and since I still owe her an apron (Sorry, Mom! I swear it will happen.) I figured I’d try to make her something.

Enter the purse idea. I found a matching polka dot and a zipper and off I went.


The inside of Mom's clutch.

Seriously, Anna deserves a medal. It was that easy! As in, “here I go…” and then, DONE! After I’d finished though, I thought to myself…”Is this too trendy?” “Will Mom like this?” I couldn’t make that stupid little voice in my head shut up so I sent her pictures. I know, I know. I suck at surprises. Turns out, she loved it! WOO HOO! Score one for Joanna!!

Enter my next idea…how about one for my sister?

VIOLA! (Coincidentally, that's also the instrument she plays.)

Don’t you just LURVE that flower? Oh yeah, I’m proud of myself.

But I couldn’t stop there! I needed one!! Because, as the saying goes, “third time’s a charm.” Maybe that is meant for when you screw things up….hmm. Whatever. I made another.

All mine!

Man, I love a good polka dot...can you tell?

So, three adorable clutches for three women (three by three)!


by Three!

That’s all for today!! I need to wait for more gifts to reach their recipients before I can post any more.

P.S. The recipient of the T-Shirt quilt got it last night and she loved it!

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  4. Heather Gill says:

    I am LOVING these purses! Can’t wait to see you this weekend! ❤

  5. Sandy says:

    What beautiful purses! You’re so talented.

  6. thisdomesticbliss says:

    Those are so cute!

  7. Joanna's Mom says:

    Wow- the purses are gorgeous! Elizabeth is going to flip for hers…the flower is SO on target! I can’t wait to get mine – I am all ready to use it, can’t wait! May I PLEASE have a copy of the 2 pictures of the 3 of us?!

    Awesome, just awesome creativity, Joanna!

  8. terriaw says:

    What a fantastic picture of the three of you at the wedding. You all look smashing! Love your three purses. How fun to be able to crank out three purses so quickly, especially after feeling anxious about making A purse. They turned out fabulous!

  9. Sarah Go says:

    She LOVED it!! Kept her warm last night. You rock!! And the purses are cute too. Xoxo

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