A less Wordy Wednesday-December Edition.

Because we all know I can’t do wordless. I fully meant to do an entire Chanukkah post. It didn’t happen. I fully meant to do a handmade presents post. Nada. I fully meant to acknowledge all the cool things people sent me. Actually, I may still get to that. I’m sick. The hubs is sick. The dogs are in dire need of a long romp in the park (unfortunately the snow is preventing me from taking them) and I’m just plain tuckered out. The takeaway is I’m behind. SO here’s December-in pictures.

The last night of Chanukkah!

Tacky (homemade) sweaters for Heather's Tacky Christmas Sweater party. Please forgive the messy house-I did clean after this picture!

FOUR (count ’em!) more adorable clutches!


One: for Katie

Two: for Jennifer

Three: for Heather

Four: for Bethany

P.S. If you are one of those people, you need to call me so I can give you the aforementioned clutch. No call-no cuteness!

The hubster and I both made pillowcases as presents. His were for his sister and her new husband, mine were for my adorable nice and nephews!

Yummy flannel complete with matching effalant 🙂

Effalant Parade!

So sweet for sleepy children! (Take note of empty "bubbles.")

Just one of the "surprises." They all helped each other find the secret messages!

Christmas Eve at the in-laws!

A Christmas Hank!

We left MD only to come home to THIS in NC! Our poor wax myrtle.

So that’s where I am. I still have at least two more posts in the works for this week and then HOPEFULLY I’ll be all caught up!


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I married the "one who got away" and try to remember how lucky I am each and every day.
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4 Responses to A less Wordy Wednesday-December Edition.

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  2. some spots says:

    You’ve been busy! We still have snow, too 😦

  3. terriaw says:

    Looks like you made some fabulous gifts! How fun to be able to give these adorable clutches to those close to you. Looks like you had great family holiday visits too! What a beautiful scene your backyard is all snow covered – stay warm!

  4. I wish I was the lucky Bethany to get that clutch! They turned out so well. I really need to learn how to sew with zippers.

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