It is hard to believe that I’ve only been REALLY sewing for about a year. Evidently people in my family have noticed that I seem to be consumed by my sewing machine because I got some GREAT sewing related gifts this year!

BUT before I get there, I have an update on one of MY gifts. The squirrel made it all the way to Seattle, WA and is currently living in his new home!

Quite fitting, don't you think?

Now, on to my gifties! My Aunt (Hi Linda!) went to New Zealand recently to visit her daughter studying abroad. She came back with this!


How COOL! New Zealand Quilter? FUN! She also threw in a sewing calendar and a gift certificate for sewing stuff-woo hoo!

My mother in law did REALLY well too!

::sigh:: SO much potential fun!

I’ve had my eye on Material Obsession 2 for a while now and was THRILLED to see it in my pile! She also got me a really cool book on zippered totes (I’ve got some Amy Butler with this written ALL over it!). But that’s not all! I asked for cheap pinking shears and she got me…GINGHERS!! NOT cheap! My mother has a pair of Gingher shears but I don’t have my own. NOW I do!

That would have been enough. Really. But I’ve got some AMAZING bloggy friends who sent me things too!

Terri, who is just wonderful for so many reasons, sent me a gift box FILLED with fun sewing things. An adorable needle book (ALREADY  hanging off my scissors), sweet notebooks, a beautiful, itty bitty calendar, a measuring tape, the list goes on! Thank you Terri! I cannot WAIT to play with all of this!

Seriously? How cool is that postcard?

The other great surprise was from my VQB. Julie at Daisysewing sent me four of the cutest little Giant Coasters! They’re all so bright and unique-she even quilted them all differently-so cool!

cute cute cute!

In the spirit of giving (and just so you know) my one year blogiversary is JUST around the corner. I WILL be giving things away- check back after the beginning of the year!


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3 Responses to Gift-y

  1. terriaw says:

    I love gifts, giving and receiving! I’m so happy you liked the care package I put together for you. Those giant coasters are awesome! Love that pebble quilting on the one, which I really want to try. Happy new year to you!

  2. daisysewing says:

    I can’t believe you’ve only been seriously sewing for a year! You are so talented!

    I’m also extremely jealous over Material Obsession 2! And I’m glad you like the giant coasters – I had such a great time making them for you. 🙂

    Happy New Year,

  3. Meghan says:

    Lucky you! My brother got me those exact same pinking shears for Christmas. I’m so jealous of your Matrerial Obsession 2. I keep checking and re-checking that one out of the library.

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