A quilt for Lincoln.

I’m settling into my new sewing room nicely and it is only fitting that the first thing sewn in the new digs is a quilt for a friend! After a rough pregnancy, Jessica had her baby about two and a half months early. I won’t even go into all the heartache that comes with that, it goes without saying. She’s been amazing and she, her husband (everyone leaves the guy out!) and baby Lincoln are doing well now.

Lincoln is still in the hospital for a little while and I wanted to make sure she had something handmade to snuggle her new little man!

I used the rest of my Goodnight Monkey layer cake and it came together pretty quickly. Fun fact: my first quilt ever was out of Goodnight Monkey! I love this line and I wish I had more of it. The monkey flying away on the banana, the zzzz’s, the books ::sigh:: I just love it all.

Lincoln's Quilt

I used a superdark navy for the back and binding because I’ve been told that when it comes to NICU quilts and covering an isolette, the darker the better! I’ve gotten an update too, evidently I was right. One night under the navy quilt and there was an immediate difference in Lincoln’s sleeping! POINT for Joanna!


The backing (prior to label).

I stressed about thread. I knew I didn’t want to quilt it heavily because again, with a preemie, you want something soft and snuggly. But what color? If I used red, it would look strange in the blue-only blocks, blue would look strange in the red-only blocks and then there was white. White. On NAVY. In perfectly straight, geometric patterns. @^*&%! I won’t tell you how many stitches I pulled out but it was more than one. SO worth it though! I LOVE the backing. I don’t know if I could do it on something big because the level of precision it took was more than a little frustrating but MAN does it look good! Go ahead, look and see if my 90 degree angles are perfect and feel free to check the boxes to see if the x’s line up. THEY ALL DO!

In the note I sent along with the quilt I told Jessica that I hope that this quilt goes from being a HUGE blanket to a TINY lovie as Lincoln grows and gets stronger. Keep them in your thoughts and hopefully I’ll be making him a quilt for his big boy bed in no time!


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I married the "one who got away" and try to remember how lucky I am each and every day.
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4 Responses to A quilt for Lincoln.

  1. Jessica says:

    Seriously, it is the cutest quilt! My mother-in-law thinks that all little boys need to have monkeys in their room, so we have been buying a lot of stuffed monkeys and clothes with monkeys on them. So it matches perfectly and of course she was excited when I showed it to her! Oh, and the stitching IS flawless…I keep thinking I need to take sewing lessons from Joanna, but then I remember that I have no patience and I can’t even cut in a straight line, much less sew in one. I’ll leave the sewing to you since you do such a great job! 🙂

  2. terriaw says:

    Aw, you are a sweet friend! This is such a wonderful gift to give your friend in her time of need. I love the quilting you did too, especially how it looks on the back. Love your use of navy too. You get the superstar award for the day!

  3. Joanna's Mom says:

    How beautiful – and I mean your thoughts and love as well as the quilt! Having had to do the preemie route with Mayer, I can’t begin to tell you the emotions. Your quilt will be a comfort to everyone.

  4. sewing spots says:

    Very cute quilt. Love the colors! The sewing room move seems to have been good for you!

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