Messed it up and made it again…Monday.

A LOONNG LOOONNG time ago I saw this post on Penny’s blog. I fell deeply and immediately in love with her footstool pincushions. SERIOUSLY. How adorable are they?! I took no time in jumping over to Etsy and procuring myself one of these ADORABLE babies. I bought a machine pieced set because I’d never hand sewn hexagons (shock, gasp!) before and I thought it would be easier.

Little did I know that “machine pieced” is code for “y-seams.” I’m still learning. NOTHING I do should involve “Y” seams (I’ve tried and failed multiple times). *&! So I went hunting for the appropriate sized paper hexagons to hand sew because while I’m fairly confidant I can sew around a piece of paper, I KNOW I suck at y-seams.

I was wrong. My dear, beautiful hexies so carefully cut and packaged ended up looking something like this.

Oh the hidden horrors...

This picture is deceptive. I must have been attempting to show its good side and make myself look less inept when I took it. In reality, there were stitches showing through seams, seams were off, there were gaps in the seams, it was just…well…it would have been the ugly duckling on my sewing table and that made me sad.

So, I started over. I found scraps in my bin, I printed some hexagons and I got to working again. Some four months later…here it is!

Version 2.0

I DO have some more Flea Market Fancy in my scrap bin but I was really worried I was going to screw this one up to so I left the more coveted pieces in their safe little home. There’s some really cool fabric in this guy, though! Laura Gunn (Magnolia?), Amy Butler (Love and Daisy Chain), Kaffe (aww who’m I kidding, I don’t know which line it is), Tula Pink (Parisville), Anna Maria Horner (Good Folks) and a couple I can’t remember, but adore. Is Penny’s better? For sure. But I’m ok with that! I learned a new skill (paper piecing hexagons), I persevered, I made another and I think it turned out great!

Version 2.0 closeup

I didn’t see kits in Penny’s Shop when I wrote this, but there ARE patterns and I can fully recommend the pattern!! What are you waiting for? Go get one-they’re PRECIOUS! She’s also got a REALLY cute pattern for a quick bag that I’ve got my eye on 🙂


Now, don’t you worry about those itty-bitty Flea Market Fancy scraps. They’re safe. I will be using them for covered buttons or something-you can’t just let something like that go to waste!

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3 Responses to Messed it up and made it again…Monday.

  1. terriaw says:

    I saw that cute pin cushion on Penny’s site too, but then forgot about it. I love that you made two versions to get it right. Good for you for persevering with that fabulous second version. Cute cute!

  2. Joanna's Mom says:

    Remember that project you had to do in whichever math class from the dark you had to take…reminds me of the good ole’ days!

  3. April says:

    That is cuter than pie!!! What a fun project!
    PS – love the footnote about upcycling those scraps- thumbs up to that!

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