Challah Covers times Six (or Seven)

I’ve met so many wonderful people working at Wish. Amazing quilters, adorable kids, new friends, local business owners, you name it. One such person is Diane. She’s starting a business here in Raleigh called Temple Treasures. A website is in the making, but for now you can catch up with her here. Up and running!!
She makes the most beautiful embroidered things. Challah covers, aprons, table runners…beautiful. I mean, kick you in the chest beautiful. She’s also helping out the environment with eco-friendly snack packs and napkins-you just have to check her out.  AND it’s quality stuff, only 100% quilting cottons, super high-end threads, it’s going to last.

Since it is Chanukkah and all-I had her make me some Challah covers for some of my family and friends. I helped a little putting them together (holiday rush-you know!) but the real star here is Diane and her stunning work! The last few went in the mail yesterday, so hopefully everyone will have theirs before this is posted!

Shabbat Scene

Check out the 3-D detailing in the embroidery!

Star of David

Blue Stars and Chai

Double Stars with Flowers and Pomegranates

Gold Stars and Blue Chai


And one more. This one isn’t a challah cover. It’s a chamsa filled with the sights of Jerusalem. I think we’re going to frame this one!


That’s all folks! I’ll be back later this week with more handmade holiday goodness!


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3 Responses to Challah Covers times Six (or Seven)

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  2. Liz says:

    What you learn on a quilting blog! I have a chamsa hanging in my house but I had no idea of its significance. Mine, too, has a depiction of Jerusalem and the Wailing Wall. Love the challah covers.

  3. Terri says:

    Wow, this is some gorgeous, gorgeous work! How wonderful to have these as part of your family heirlooms. I especially love the sights of Jerusalem. So inspiring to see this!

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