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FREAKING AWESOME (almost) Friday!

*I wrote this post and scheduled it for Friday, then I saw this. The Marshmallow crew will be silent on Friday. I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve blogged! It’s been go, go, go around here lately … Continue reading

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(FANTASTIC) Fabric Friday!

Do you have one of those friends who starts to say something (like “FABRIC FRIDAY!), then goes in a totally opposite direction with their conversation? No? Well now you do, because I’m one of those people. Bear with me, I’ll … Continue reading

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Really? I’m too old for this.

ALL I wanted was a Little Folks scarf. THAT’S IT. However, despite lessons and years of practice on paper crafts, I can’t cut in a straight line to save my life (especially when it escapes the confines of my far … Continue reading

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Adventures in JoannaMath (and other fun things)

I have a confession. I’m afraid to cut my fabrics, not because I want them to live on my shelves forever (though I do love looking at them) but because I’m scared I’ll screw them up. I’m not a math … Continue reading

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Working on it…

I’ve had one of “those” weeks. I’ve got a sinus infection (that conveniently showed up on the weekend-HELLO 75 bucks for a visit to Urgent Care), I haven’t slept right all week and I’m just plain grouchy. This blog is … Continue reading

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Snow Day, Sew Day (I can’t believe it’s STILL not “finished”).

I’ve been making this quilt for my cousin’s baby shower. At first, I was really, really excited about it. Ok, I’m still really, really excited about it. It’s adorable. It has mermaids, it has octopi, it has seahorses and fishies … Continue reading

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Thing One and Thing Two-(update) FINISHED!

Don’tcha hate it when you’re halfway through with something and all of a sudden you [insert mishap, misstep, catastrophe here]? I was halfway through making my new placemats and napkins to go along with my new Crate and Barrel dishes … Continue reading

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I feel like a real quilter. Not because I am, mind you, I’m still very much the novice. However, I did get one of these babies in the mail from Pink Chalk Fabrics. She’s still got 10 left, go get … Continue reading

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A Mendocino Zig Zag Quilt

I’ve been wanting to try a zig zag quilt since I bought Denyse Schmidt’s book a few months back. The problem is, I like looking at my fabric piles (I love piles!) and I’m still not good enough at sewing … Continue reading

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I <3 Fabric

I can’t believe I’m just getting to this, I’ve been trying all week. I got new fabric and I’m excited to play with it! First, I got a back for my string quilt from Wish Upon a Quilt. It’s a … Continue reading

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